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T-Mobile Arena Case Study 
Kynar 500® PVDF

Custom colors, using coatings made with Kynar 500® Resin, culminate in iconic façade for new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is unlike any other city in America. An unparalleled vacation destination, this hub of culture arises from a desolate desert and is silhouetted by a majestic expanse of mountain ranges. For architects and construction companies, erecting a new building in Vegas that can stand out from the crowd based upon its own merit is a momentous undertaking — one that held true for the new T-Mobile Arena.

T-Mobile Arena front view
Photo Credit: J. Rick Martin Photography

The project 

The design for this cutting-edge $375-million indoor arena began in 2014. Designed to host professional hockey and welcome more than 100 annual events, final plans for T-Mobile Arena called for a 650,000 square-foot structure situated on a 16-acre site, featuring 20,000 seats, 44 luxury suites, four expansive balconies — including one designed specifically for performances — an 85 foot tall glass atrium, and more. This is the largest arena Las Vegas has ever built, yet the most ambitious feature of the project is the exterior. To honor the rustic topography and rich geological aesthetic of the surrounding mountainous environment, bowed bands spring forth from the north and west faces of the arena. The bands are made of more than 100,000 square feet of custom-fabricated metal shingles that were coated with Sherwin-Williams Fluropon® Classic II coating, containing Kynar 500® PVDF resin. These custom-fabricated metal shingles provide a visually captivating and highly functional outer shell to the T-Mobile Arena that can withstand the harsh desert sun and soaring summer temperatures.
TMobile Arena_1_coil-1_SmartCropTwoToFive2.copy.copy.jpg
After extensive planning with architects, Sherwin-Williams utilized its advance color-matching capabilities from initial concept images, and developed nine custom coating colors for the project. Sherwin-Williams Fluropon® coatings utilize advance Kynar 500® PVDF resin technology and are formulated to stand up to harsh weather conditions, maintain resistance against chalking, fading and ultraviolet rays and look like new for many decades to come. The nine Fluropon® coatings used deliver a visually dynamic exterior for T-Mobile Arena while also providing many additional durability features that will keep the structure’s splendor shining brightly well into the future.