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The test of a coating is its ability to resist weathering. Weather destroys things. Over time, sunlight, air and water will break down any and all construction material. In the case of polymeric coatings for metals, the deterioration is evident in the loss of color, gloss adhesion and the appearance of chalking.

How coatings fail

Most coatings break down under the effect of sun, rain and pollutants. Kynar 500® FSF® PVDF resin resists the chemical breakdown that occurs as coatings age.

Fade is the lightening in color of a pigmented paint due to the effects of light, heat, time, temperature, and chemicals. Fade is measured in Delta E (ΔE) Hunter Units in the L,a,b color space. This measurement indicates the total difference between original color and exposed color. The larger the ΔE, the larger the color difference between the original color and the exposed color. 1 ΔE unit is the smallest difference detected by a trained eye. Click on the links below to see examples of color fade.